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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

London marathon: 89% drop in air pollution

Source: EcoWatch

From EcoWatch

Global Action Plan, a non-profit organization dedicated to tackling "throw away culture" and the impact it has on humans and the planet, discovered an unexpected health benefit to running marathons.

The group looked at data from air quality monitoring stations along Upper Thames Street, part of the route of the London Marathon, which took place Sunday and causes street closures and traffic reduction as cars make way for runners.

Comparing the data from the marathon with data from the previous three Sundays, the group found an 89 percent drop in air pollution the day of the marathon, Huffington Post UK reported Monday.

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Air pollution kills 40,000 people a year in the U.K.  This is the hidden cost of the internal combustion engine.  If we transitioned to 100% EVs we would have no air pollution, and no deaths from air pollution.  In what other sphere would we tolerate 40K deaths a year  from something which is entirely avoidable? 

Just saying.

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