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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tesla semi starts work--for Telsa

The first of Tesla's new semi trucks started work, shipping batteries from the Tesla gigafactory to the Tesla car manufacturing plant in Fremont California.  If we are to slash emissions, all road transport-cars, lorries & vans, must be electrified, and the electricity that powers them has to be generated by renewables.  So Tesla's semi, and the van and ute hinted at when Musk launched the semi 6 months ago are key to the transformation of road transport.  It's encouraging to see the semi being tested.  What is also very encouraging is the steady stream of new orders.  Musk claims that the Tesla semi will be much cheaper to run than a diesel semi because it will manage higher speeds uphill and from a standing start than a diesel does plus the "fuel" will be cheaper--Tesla guarantees that the power used by the semi will cost no more than 7 cents/kWh, presumably because wherever possible, it will be derived from Tesla solar panels and stored in Tesla Powerpack batteries for night charging.

The new Tesla semi at the gigafactory (Source: InsideEVs)

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