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Friday, January 5, 2018

Tesla sales reach new record

You can see in the chart how Tesla's car sales had started to go exponential until late 2016, when the company started to retool the factory for the Model 3.  For the last year, production stagnated.  But in the last quarter, particularly in the last month of the blast quarter, production and sales came roaring back.  As the production bottlenecks for the Model 3 eased, production of the Model S and the Model X jumped.  The company stated that in the last 7 working days of 2017, Model 3 production averaged 100 per day (i.e., 2200 per month), and that they now forecast that production would hit 5000 per week by the end of Q2 this year (2018).  Only 6 months late--not bad for Elon Time!  I think this is at last a plausible forecast.  This will take total Tesla car production to over 100,000 per quarter.  In 2016, Tesla's car sales exceeded 100,000 for the whole year for the first time.  At 500,000 per annum, Tesla's sales will constitute 3% of total US car sales (though some of the production is for export)

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