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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Our esteemed PM, Cane Toad Tony, earns almost $10,000 a week.  He and his mates in the increasingly misnamed "Liberal" Party have targeted the unemployed (whose numbers will surely grow over the next year) as an area to cut government expenditure.  But a single person on the dole gets just $250 a week -- 2.5% of what he earns.  Not to mention the million dollars of taxpayer funds he spent travelling around the country going to cycling and swimming meets so he could show his lycra-clad package to hoi polloi.

Not content with crushing the already poor by making it harder for them to get benefits as well as reducing those benefits, the so-called "Liberals" also want to demolish the free health system by forcing doctors to charge $6 per visit even if they don't want to.  As if the American health system were an example to emulate!

Meanwhile, the upper middle class tax breaks will continue.  Tax free pensions.  Negative gearing.


[Photo from The Age]

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