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Monday, June 11, 2018

EVs have 11 times fewer fires than ICEVs

Every Tesla which catches fire is reported in the media.  It's news!  But when a petrol(gasoline) car catches fire it's not.  People get the impression that EVs are more dangerous than ICEVs.  So just how prone to fires are EVs?

Because we have fewer EVs on the road than petrol cars, you would expect to have fewer fires in total from EVs.  And you do.  In fact, though, you have far fewer fires than you'd expect. 

Gasoline powered cars are about 11 times more likely to catch fire than a Tesla. The best comparison is fires per 1 billion miles driven. The 300,000 Teslas on the road have been driven a total of 7.5 billion miles, and about 40 fires have been reported. That works out to five fires for every billion miles traveled, compared to a rate of 55 fires per billion miles traveled in gasoline cars.

[Source: Inside EVs]

An ICEV burns out

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