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Sunday, August 20, 2017

World headed for second warmest year

July 2107 was the hottest July ever recorded, even though there is no El Niño.  This increases the risk that 2017 as a whole will be the second hottest year ever measured.  Even though there is no El Niño.  Denialists wasted a lot of time and effort reiterating that global temperatures hadn't risen for 17 years, when they weren't complaining that the data had been "made up". (Notice the contradiction there?  You can't simultaneously say that temperatures aren't rising and that the data series you are basing that assertion on is fake).  When temperatures did then jump, the denialists' excuse was El Niño.  What will their excuses/explanations be at the end of this year?

This is a race, people.  A race between rising temperatures and our worldwide struggle to slash CO2 emissions before it's too late.  As I said here and here and here, we have started down the road towards a zero carbon economy.  But, oh! progress is so slow.


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