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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tesla's "semi" truck -- and a new roadster

On Friday, Elon Musk presented Tesla's new semi truck:

  • 20% cheaper than diesel
  • faster (smooth underside, greater power, greater acceleration, sustained uphill speeds)
  • recharged in half an hour, using a new network of Tesla megachargers, powered entirely by the sun, with guaranteed fixed price of  7 cents/kWh. 
  • 1 million mile breakdown guarantee
  • unbreakable windscreen.
  • will stop automatically if driver has medical emergency
  • has 500 mile range (twice the distance of the average semi trip distance)
  • recharges in half an hour.
  • starts shipping in 2019 (but we must allow for Elon time)
As for the new roadster .... wow!

Have a look at the short version of the presentation, below.

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