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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Playing the race/Muslim/terrorist card

Playing the race card, by Rob Tornoe

Since 90% of the population wouldn't vote for neo-liberal policies, what the conservatives do is play the race/foreigner/dole bludger/Muslim/terrorist/communist card. Only we, they say, can keep you safe from these imaginary horrors. Vote for us, they say, and stop worrying about your falling living standards. We'll look after you, they say. We're on the side of the battlers and the strugglers, they lie. Look down on those "outsiders", they say, because that way you'll feel better. While secretly the politicians who represent the 1% look down on all of us. They despise us because we are so stupid we vote for them.

Donald Trump did this to perfection.  Pretending to care about poor Americans, he in fact has tried to enact policies which benefit only the rich and will make the poor far worse off.  In the UK, the "alt-right" of the UKIP and the right wing of the Conservative party pulled the same trick with Brexit.  In Australia, the so-called "Liberals" are trying that tired old wheeze again. Facial recognition will keep us safe for terrorists (10,000 times as many people die from heart attacks)! There are terrorists under every bed, watch out! The  Labor party wants to take us back to the days of socialism!  The Greens are far left!

While our living standards decline and the rich get obscenely richer.  But the Rabid Right are correct in one thing.  We are stupid, because we do vote these people in.

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