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Friday, February 10, 2017

20% of China's bus sales electric

In 2016, 115,700 electric busses were sold in China, which equals 20% of the total market.  This compares with 1,672 in 2013.  The Chinese car company BYD is the world's largest producer of electric busses and also the world's largest producer of electric cars.

Tony Seba was right.

BTW,  carpers have complained that electric busses will have to be charged using electricity from the grid, which is still mostly coal-based in China (even though China is making huge strides to switch to green energy)  And oil produces half the CO2 emissions of coal per unit of energy.  So in theory, sticking with diesel busses would be less harmful to the climate.  But in fact electric engines are 5 times as efficient as petrol(gasoline) and diesel engines..  So even using coal-fired electricity, they still produce less CO2 than ICEs, more than 50% less.  And as the grid moves towards renewables, this reduction will increase.

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