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Saturday, December 3, 2016

0.2 ℃ per decade

There are still people out there who say that there has been a pause in the rise in global temperatures.  "Tamino" (who knows more about statistics than I've forgotten) looks at the data.  His explanation is so clear even I can understand it.  And the rise in temperatures since 1998 hasn't been much different from the rise before, roughly 0.2 ℃ per decade.  In other words, no slowdown.

0.2 deg. C per decade is 1 ℃ every 50 years.  And that's before powerful feedback mechanisms have got underway.  For example, the "compost bomb" .  Or the melting of methane clathrates.  As I keep on pointing out, moving to replace all coal-fired electricity generation by renewables will not raise the price of electricity, it will not cause an economic collapse, it will not cause lower living standards.  But not moving towards a green energy system surely will.

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