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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Massive February heat spike

Still preliminary data--most of the agencies which calculate global temps don't release their official calcs until the middle of the month.  But it looks as if February had the highest anomaly (relative to the average for the 20th century) higher even than January's.  And December's.  And ....  In fact the highest ever.  1.4 C above the baseline.   Already.

OK, it's just one month.  And it's an el niño year, but it's still far higher than the last major el niño year, 1998.  The linear trend per decade has been 0.21 C.  We have just 2 decades to stop global temperature averages from rising by less than our target of 1.5%.   And still the denialists deny.

Yet we could, if we put our minds to it, slash carbon emissions to zero within 20 years.


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