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Saturday, January 23, 2016


I mentioned Dana Nuccitelli's piece about the problems with satellite data here. But the article has a scary--no -- a terrifying chart in it:


It shows several different estimates of global temperature anomalies, smoothed with a 12 month moving average, going back to 1980.  During that time, the average global temperature has rising a terrifying 0.8 C.    In 35 years.  Holy macaroons with cream on!

If this trend continues, and there's no reason why it won't as we continue to pump CO2 into the atmosphere,  global temps will rise another 0.8 C by 2050.   We will be perilously close to the  2 C limit scientists think will cause tipping points.  And if the trend increase accelerates ....

Meanwhile, the deniosphere, after saying for years that temps haven't risen for 18 years by picking the el nino peak in 1998 as the starting point, so "proving" global warming has ceased, now say that 35 years isn't long enough to determine a trend in climate.

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