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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More on BC's Carbon Tax

Carbon taxes work.   Contrary to our esteemed PM's gabble before the the introduction of Oz's carbon tax, there was no slowdown in Australia's  economy after it came in, just as there wasn't in British Columbia, which introduced one before we did with huge success  Yet in both Australia and BC carbon use fell.  As Grist's article points out, it's likely that BC, Oregon, Washington and California will join up into a single coordinated carbon pricing zone.  This will complement the east coast RGGI and the schemes in Quebec and Ontario.  And Mexico has started to move towards solar power as costs drop (table in Wikipedia piece out of date).  By my calculations roughly half of North America will be part of major carbon emission control measures. And that's before President Obama's new initiatives.

I'm still hoping that sense will prevail.

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