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Monday, June 27, 2011

The GOP's Abstract Professors

This illuminating article by Fareed Zakaria of Time Magazine is well worth reading. 

It's odd how the theoretical belief system of Communism and socialism has been so comprehensively replaced by a new belief system on the right.

As just one example:  does anybody (except the hyper-rich and extreme conservatives) really believe that cutting taxes on the rich and raising taxes/reducing benefits for the poor will expand demand at a time like this?  It's batty: the savings rates of the poor are very low, and of the rich high.  To stimulate demand now, you need to cut taxes for the poor and the middle class and fund this with tax increases on the rich -- unless your national debt is low enough to fund it with borrowing.  Which the US's isn't -- because of previous tax cuts for the rich, among other things.

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